31st March 2022

How to Influence Your Own Wellbeing & Health

During lockdown I completed Advanced Nutrition qualifications, and since then, I’ve been constantly fascinated by gut health and it’s impact on our overall physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing. I’ve found it to be the missing piece of the […]
11th November 2021

Movement is Medicine

Exercise is the best medicine…or is it? We’re told via most health professionals and government agencies, as well as marketing companies that movement in the form of exercise is good for us, so let’s delve a little deeper in that […]
9th September 2021

Pilates for Wellbeing

Modern life generally results in us all living in a state of chronic overwhelm and permanent excitability, and achieving balance is challenging when you don’t know where to start or what to do for the best; there’s so much conflicting […]
7th July 2021

Time to Hydrate: Tap vs Bottled Water

Most of you will know that we’re encouraged health wise to drink certain quantities of water, but these days the quality of water is now something worth considering, with the bottled water industry now overtaking carbonated soft drinks (pepsi and […]
10th May 2021

Building Resilience in Times of Stress

Stress doesn’t do us any favours; it literally saps joy from life, so if like many, you are feeling burdened at the moment, take a moment to take stock and consider how you can make some small changes which are […]
12th March 2021

Running on Caffeine

Some of you may know this already but I don’t drink tea or coffee; Me with an added dose of caffeine doesn’t bear thinking about, trust me! My sister once told me that I bounce off the walls under normal […]
25th February 2021

What’s your lockdown crutch? Shining the light on alcohol

it’s been a loooong start to the year this week!  I’m so glad it’s nearly Friday. Once upon a time I would have been reaching for the red wine and savouring a glass or two (I’ve experienced my fair share […]
22nd January 2021

Stressed & Snacking: Are we doomed to gain weight in lockdown 3.0?

I’ve spent many a conversation with clients and friends about stress this week. How it is for each person or family over lockdown; are you working from home? Are you juggling home schooling? Are you shielding due to COVID’s rampant new […]
3rd January 2021

The Sugar Rollercoaster & Insulin Resistance

Have you indulged in the feasts of Christmas drink and food? As we know there is so much more to Christmas and the foods which are in abundance at this time of year; in this post we’re exploring more around […]
13th December 2020

Is Christmas Dinner Healthy?

It was while I was thinking about Christmas dinner (btw my favourite meal) that I reflected it’s actually pretty good from a gut health perspective. The traditional components offer up a pretty good balance of some great vitamins and minerals […]
18th November 2020

Working from home in lockdown

So COVID lockdown continues for us in the UK, and elsewhere in the world. If you’re working from home, have you got your desk set up as well as it could be? Read about workstation ergonomic set up and how […]
5th November 2020

It’s all in the breath

We’ve been talking a lot about self care and managing the stresses of our current ‘normal’ of COVID lockdown and the ins and outs of re-opening over recent weeks as we fluctuate from stricter measures and then back again. Restorative […]
5th October 2020

Being Thankful Is Good For Your Health

Let’s talk gratitude. What is it? Why should we be doing it? There’s actually a lot to be thankful for, even when life is tough. Being thankful is a significant predictor in lowering the risk of various health issues. Want […]
17th August 2020

How to Sleep Better

This week I want to talk about sleep. We’re still in stressful times, with COVID not showing any signs of disappearing off our radar just yet, and I know some of you have been struggling to get a good night’s […]
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