10th August 2020

Have You Been Outside Recently?

Earlier last week I was grumpy, not sleeping well, feeling thicker around the waistline and generally feeling a bit ‘meh’, when out of the blue a friend got in contact and asked if I wanted to go for a walk. I […]
10th August 2020

Top Tip to Manage Tension

How’s everyone doing? For some people the news that lockdown is gradually easing and shops and leisure activities are re-opening is welcome, whilst for others, the nervousness and caution is still ever present. Regardless of whether you’re enjoying more freedom […]
10th August 2020

Say “Goodnight” to neck pain

Neck pain and disturbed sleep are common themes at the moment with so many people commenting on stress and the impact of this; namely ears up around shoulders, tension headaches, neck pain and/or stiffness and feeling lethargy and general exhaustion. So I […]
30th April 2019

Beginners/ Beginners-Intermediate Level 1

30th April 2019

Beginners-Intermediate Level 2

5th April 2016


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Coronavirus Update:

June 2022 COVID restrictions have now eased in healthcare settings, with the wearing of face masks now optional for a treatment session. All restrictions in classes have been removed. To book into a class or request a treatment session, please email info@core-restore.co.uk