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Low Back Pain, Pelvic Floor and Core Strength

Moving on from last month we’re delving deeper into the pelvic floor, lower back and breath connections, plus progressing those strengthening exercises. Have a look at the video to see what’s in store this month….

This month's introduction

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Monthly Recipe

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Top Tip

Over time lengthy hours spent sitting shortens your hip flexors, which can contribute to lower back soreness.
  instant fix: kneel like you are about to propose to someone. Shift your pelvis forward, and tuck your bottom under until you feel a deeper stretch in the front of the kneeling hip. Hold for 30 seconds. Switch legs
long term fix: change position to standing at regular intervals to give your muscles a break and increase circulation (ideally every 20-30 minutes). Try using an app or setting a timer to remind you to get up and move over the day

Articles & Information

Lifestyle factors in pelvic floor health

The pelvic floor

What’s getting on your nerves?

Workout videos

In this section you’ll find bitsize videos that you can do at home.
Fit shorter ones in when you have time, or link two or more together for a bigger workout.
Beginner to Intermediate level.
Unless stated within the video, these workouts are suitable for all stages of pregnancy and postnatal.
If you are pregnant beyond 16 weeks, please incline head & shoulders on 1-2 pillows

Intro to exercise section

Gluts progression

Lower ab progression

Ab progressions in 4-point kneeling

Ab progressions: Ring

Gluts progressions: Ring

Ab progressions: Ring in sitting

Ab & Gluts progressions: Band

Ab progressions: Band in sitting

Ab progressions in sitting

Connecting with your pelvic floor

Relaxation & Breathing

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