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Scapulothoracic and Scapulohumeral articulations

Bridging the gap (literally!) between the thoracic spine and shoulder, the shoulder blade becomes this month’s focus. Here, we’ll consider it’s interactions with the thorax (ribcage) and arm (humerus) as well as its other important connections. This is a really important area for spine and shoulder issues and includes posture as well! Who knew that a shoulder blade could be so important?

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Interesting Fact

Otherwise known as the ‘wing’ bone, the scapula gets it’s name from the shape of the bone. Originally thought to resemble the blade of a shovel or trowel, the name scapula is derived from the Greek word skaptein meaning ‘to dig’

Articles & Information

Scapula & ACJ

Why is the scapula so important?

The Dance of the Humerus and Scapula

Workout videos

In this section you’ll find bitsize videos that you can do at home.
Fit shorter ones in when you have time, or link two or more together for a bigger workout.
Beginner to Intermediate level.
Unless stated within the video, these workouts are suitable for all stages of pregnancy and postnatal.
If you are pregnant beyond 16 weeks, for exercises in lying on your back, please incline head & shoulders on 1-2 pillows

Mobilisers in Standing

Mobilisers in Sitting

Mobilisers & Strengtheners: 4-point kneeling

Theraband in kneeling & standing

Theraband in sitting

Ring Exercises in sitting

Ring Exercises in lying

BONUS: Scapular stabilisers

BONUS: Scapular setting

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