What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy utilises up to date research-based techniques to help restore movement and function when injury, disability, surgery, or health issues have resulted in a loss of function, movement restrictions, or pain.

Treatment techniques may include “hands-on” manual therapy; education; exercises; nutritional support or strategies such as bracing, taping, or acupuncture in order to promote recovery, with the aim of restoring full function, and lessening the chances of a recurrence.


What are your costs?

  • Physiotherapy assessments start from £48 for an hour. Follow up sessions typically range from £25-60 depending on the length/type of appointment of the appointment
  • Massage sessions range between £25-40
  • Acupuncture incurs an additional £5 per session
  • Pilates costs vary according to service type (pre-recorded, virtual, in-person, PAYG, 1:1, 2:1), starting from as little as £5 per class, and £20 for a 1:1 assessment
  • Additional travel costs may apply for community home visits


What will a Physiotherapy assessment include?

  • Initial appointments include gathering as much information as possible about you, your injury or problem, your restrictions or limitations and your goals. A full assessment of the problem area(s) will be undertaken where indicated. In order to do this properly I need to see the body part and surrounding region, so you may be asked to remove outer clothing, and dressing appropriately (for example wearing shorts for a leg problem), is ideal. Your privacy and dignity is paramount and will be maintained throughout.
  • A Pilates assessment will establish problematic areas, movement and strength analysis, and teaching the 5 key elements, plus I always leave you with some take home advice and simple exercises to try in your own time, in preparation for joining a class or continuing into 1:1 sessions


How long are appointments?

You will need to allow an hour for an initial Physiotherapy assessment. Follow ups vary according to need from 30 minutes to an hour

Massage and Pilates sessions start from 30 minutes

Problems that can be treated

  • Postural disorders
  • Neck pain, whiplash & headaches
  • Lower back pain and disorders including discs, sciatica and SIJ
  • Women’s health & Fitness including weight loss, and lifestyle changes
  • Hormonal disorders including peri to post menopause symptoms, and postnatal flux
  • Joint pain & Arthritis
  • Tendinopathies and overuse injuries
  • Rotator cuff injuries including post-operative rehabilitation
  • Tennis & Golfer’s elbow
  • Ankle & Achilles sprains
  • Knee injuries including ACL, collateral ligaments, cartilage injuries
  • Muscle tears
  • Sports specific Injuries/disorders including ITB, runner’s knee
  • Total joint replacements (hips, knees, shoulders etc)
  • Fractures (ankle, wrist, thoracic compression fractures etc)
  • Pre- and post- surgical conditions
  • Functional limitations as a result of Multiple Sclerosis to clients in Trafford & South Manchester. Contact the MS Society branch to gain a referral


What is Pilates?

Pilates consists of low-impact flexibility, strength and endurance movements honed through repetition and steady progression of specific exercises. My classes are floor-based and concentrate on ‘core muscles’, emphasising the use of the abdominals, postural muscles in the shoulders, as well as upper and lower body.

Classes are appropriate for people of all ages and levels of ability and fitness, from absolute novices to elite athletes. Regular Pilates can change your body shape, help improve posture, muscle tone, balance and joint mobility, as well as relieve stress and tension.


What can I expect from Pilates?

Classes are an hour long. There’s a warm up and cool down with the bulk of the workout in the middle of the class. My classes are matwork, so involve moving from positions in standing, kneeling, sitting and lying down. They’re not cardio, so you’re unlikely to get hot and sweaty, though it’s a good idea to wear flexible comfortable clothing. If you struggle to move into certain positions, I can adapt for you and offer alternatives, or you may find one of the more specialised classes suits you better.

If you’re new to Pilates, you’ll start to feel like you’re getting a workout around the fourth session, and you may find that friends and family comment you’ve lost weight as your body shape changes to give a leaner appearance.

While Pilates isn’t for everyone, it’s not often that attendees don’t wish to continue; it’s why the timetable keeps on growing; my retention is over 80% and has been for over a decade!


What if I don’t want to join a class or the times don’t suit?

I offer individual Pilates 1:1 and in small groups of up to four people, so if you’ve some friends or family you want to join in with, this is the ideal situation for you. Prices start from £30 for 30 minutes

Privacy Policy

In order to comply with General Data Protection Policy 2018, this privacy policy describes how and why we obtain, store, and process data which can identify you through our website, emails, classes, and assessment/treatment sessions. We may update this policy from time to time as appropriate.

Information we collect

Information including but not limited to the following is gathered when you contact us, and/or when you attend a class or assessment/treatment session:

• Personal details and contact information

• Lifestyle and demographic data

• Medical history

• Other information relevant to customer service/surveys/promotions

In line with our professional standards we are legally required to hold and securely store record-keeping (client treatment notes, assessment details, consent forms, health screens) for a minimum of eight years; and diaries (class and appointment bookings) for a minimum of two years. Following this, our records are destroyed in line with professional standards set out by the Health Care & Professions Council, and Chartered Society of Physiotherapy.

Use of information

Information we collect may be utilised in line with professional requirements and responsibilities, for improving our services, customer relations, updating our website, and for marketing strategies. From time to time we may contact you with promotional offers and/or with updates and information about our services. You are able to opt out of these updates by unsubscribing at any time.

We do not sell, trade or transfer personal information by which you can be identified to any third parties. We may need to share your information with other health care professionals, providers and services, and/or insurers with your prior consent.

In some circumstances we may deem it necessary and appropriate to disclose your information to comply with the law or a Governmental body, or in order to protect the rights, property, or safety of ourselves or other members of the public, and in enforcing our own policies.

You have the right to access information we hold about you at any stage under the Data Protection Act. You also have the right to withdraw your consent for treatment and/or holding information about you at any time during or after accessing any of our services. Should you wish to action either of these circumstances, please contact info@core-restore.co.uk


In order to safeguard and secure information gathered as part of business operations, we maintain appropriate physical, electronic and administrative procedures. However, no data sent over the internet can be guaranteed to be totally secure, and in consenting to the use of our services and business operations, you acknowledge and accept a degree of risk.