Physiotherapy sessions are available in person, and virtually. In person sessions are available at my welcoming, purpose-built clinic, located on my property in Sale, South Manchester. 

I am able to treat the majority of sprains, strains & injuries, or even those problematic aches and pains that you just can’t pinpoint how they started. I also specialise in working with midlife & menopausal women, empowering my clients to live life to the fullest and feel great whilst doing it. With over 25 years experience, I am confident that I can assist you with your health and wellness goals, no matter how big or small they may be. 

Virtual appointments are available and accessible by anyone located within the UK. You can book a session by emailing or calling me.

You can find more information about Physiotherapy appointments here

Pilates & Fitness

Pilates & Fitness classes are the backbone of my small business, and I love teaching both in small groups and on an individual basis, achieving a strong reputation for teaching intuitively, whilst ensuring a great workout is had. Pilates classes are very popular and have continued to grow over the last five years, with 12 regular classes per week currently available, plus there are also higher-intensity workouts available for those who love to move – including my newest female specific strength & conditioning class: Femme Fusion.

If you’ve not tried Pilates before, or it’s been a while, try out my FREE workout “Unlocking Your Powerhouse”, where you can learn key moves to improve flexibility, strength & stability, targeting spine health, posture, and core strength. 

Pre-recorded classes. Watch, pause, and watch again as often as you want to, at your own pace via my vast online Pilates library. New classes are added on a regular basis, and you can utilise the search function to locate classes suitable to the style or body area you wish to work, or the time you have available to you, with classes ranging from 10 minutes through to a full hour, and everything in between. There are monthly and annual membership options to access over 160 Pilates classes. You can find out more about Core Restore Online here

In person classes. Join me or one of my Physio-led Pilates instructors for a fully integrative and responsive class suitable for your level of expertise, and benefit from the additional social interaction, plus experience the tailored approach we adopt to ensure you’re working at the right level and in the right way. You can attend once a week or opt for more regular attendance and benefit from a multi-attendance discount.

Private Pilates sessions. Available as 1:1 up to 1:4 sessions, these can take place at my purpose built clinic located in Sale, South Manchester, or at your home (restrictions apply). Benefit from fully bespoke tailored Pilates sessions to focus your strength and control, and build your confidence according to your individual needs.

Please email with any queries, or to book your place. You will be sent via email a health screen/consent form to complete online prior to commencing a class, and some additional booking information.

Small equipment is available to purchase to add diversity to your workouts. Feel free to ask me about my recommendations; small equipment is my ultimate favourite thing!

Small Groups and Workplace Pilates

If you like the idea of Pilates at your workplace, look no further! Our Physio-led sessions can easily be set up from your venue – all you need is a meeting room or space where attendees are able to lie down, and bring your own mats – we’ll bring the rest 🙂

Available as 30, 45, or 60 minute sessions, Corporate Pilates is being offered more frequently by employers as part of employee wellbeing and health. For more information, or to discuss rates and availability, contact me at

If you wish for a more individualised approach. I also offer 1:1 and small sessions for up to four people on a 30, 45 or 60 minute basis (see FAQs for more details).

Massage & Accupuncture

Massage is beneficial whether you are training for an event or just want some TLC and ‘me’ time. The release of happy hormones (endorphins) and reduction in stress hormones (cortisol) achieved through massage promotes relaxation and muscle recovery, with benefits to athletes up to two weeks after an event/training session.

30-minute , 45-minute and 60-minute sessions are available, with a focus on myofascial release, which is a deeper, more lasting massage without the discomfort of a traditional sports massage.

Acupuncture can be very useful as an adjunct to treat joint or muscle pain, and can have a significant, and sustained effect on pain which occurs immediately after treatment or develops over following hours or days. Effects are usually cumulative, building up over several treatments, with disposable, sterile needles inserted into specific points around the problem area, or on occasion some distance away from the area being treated. This can be utilised within a treatment session, where appropriate, for an additional small charge of £5.

I am fully qualified in Western Scientific Acupuncture and use it regularly as an adjunct within sessions, especially for pain and/or muscle tightness where indicated.


Most people have a reasonably good idea of what a healthy diet looks like. The problem is more likely that our ideas of a ‘good diet’ is based on bad science, and that science has developed and moved on.

Like many others, my interest in nutrition developed as a result of my own health struggles, and I consider it an expansion of my Women’s Health qualifications and expertise. After struggling to shift extra weight after the birth of my second child, and developing perimenopause symptoms, I started to wonder why things that had worked for me in the past, weren’t having the same effect anymore. Sound familiar?

After delving into the nutrition world to seek my own answers, it was a natural progression to formalising a qualification as a Nutrition Coach, after which I undertook an honest review of my own eating habits. It didn’t take much; simple sustainable changes to how I approached food have led to eradicated and/or much improved menopause symptoms, over 10kg weight loss, and a much happier me!

My approach to nutrition is inclusion over exclusion; food should be enjoyable; after all, it’s a major part of life! Nutrition coaching provides support and guidance to bridge the gap between where you are now, and where you’d like to be. I utilise a bespoke evidence-based approach to support health and wellbeing, from generalised guidance, through to personalised meal plans, I offer real life solutions to good health through nutrition. If you’d like to receive a FREE pack of recipes, click here to access them.

I have a developed interest in midlife women, and can help with the following health issues:

• Weight loss
• Hormone balance (including perimenopause/menopause symptoms)
• Event/sports nutrition
• Stress & energy
• Digestive issues & bloating
• Difficulty sleeping
• Mood swings
• Skin problems
• Cravings

Women’s Wellness:

Hormone Harmony 1:1 Coaching

Having undertaken advanced training in Women’s Pelvic Health Physiotherapy and with over 25 years experience, I have developed a special interest in all things hormonal, particularly in midlife, which includes perimenopause, menopause and post-menopause. My focus is how our hormones impact on how well we feel as a woman at this stage of life, whilst often balancing all the things that we do – which can be a LOT, believe me, I know 😉

I am also a qualified Women’s Wellness Coach, and Nutrition Coach, and adopt a holistic approach to hormonal balance, integrating within my award-winning proven framework, the four foundational pillars of sleep, building resilience, nutrition, and purposeful movement. My practice is grounded in evidence based research, and my scientific Physiotherapy background, as well as my personal experiences of being an ‘older’ mum, transitioning straight into perimenopause following the birth of my second baby.

Much can be achieved through lifestyle choices & changes, and its impact on our overall health and wellbeing. Every woman is different, and every experience is different, so the first thing is to understand your current experience of any symptoms, and goals you wish to achieve. It might be as simple as having a good night’s sleep, seeing clearly past the brain fog, reclaiming your ‘joie de vivre’, or delving more into physical, psychological, cognitive, or emotional wellbeing.

Through this customised approach, my female clients have transformed their lives, unleashing the best version of themselves, and I am confident that I can help you do the same.

Contact me to arrange a FREE 30-minute call to chat through your concerns and goals, and explore how my Hormone Harmony bespoke coaching will help you wave goodbye to menopause misery, and unlock the best version of you.


You can also access FREE resources here, including hormone-supportive recipes, a menopause symptom checker, and an introductory guide to navigating menopause with confidence and ease. 

In addtion, I run a free online Women’s Wellness Group, called Managing Midlife, where my aim is to empower midlife and menopausal women to live well, through evidence based information and lifestyle tips. I regularly present to various groups, health colleagues, organisations and businesses around Women’s Wellness topics and Menopause.

Please be in touch if you’d like to discuss this further

You can join my free Facebook group here!


M33 Menopause Support Group

Once a month, I facilitate a not-for-profit support group to talk all things perimenopause, menopause & beyond.

Learn how to manage symptoms, hear from expert guest speakers, and share experiences, in a supportive, safe environment.

Refreshments included. Free parking.

Not in M33? No problem, this group is available to anyone local, feel free to join us, or else try the Managing Midlife group online ( link above) if you’re further afield.

No need to book, just come along

Core Restore Online

Core Restore is bigger and better!

Not local? Prefer to workout at home or on the move? Or wish to supplement your in-person classes with more workouts? We have a full range of online services, as well as our amazing one to one sessions.

Become a monthly or annual member to explore health & wellbeing content, delving further into specific topics (such as spine health, pelvic floor, stress, nutrition, strength, and much much more…). You’ll find videos to assist with your health and/or fitness, and bonus content like recommended recipes, or top tips. There’s also a Pilates only membership where you can access over 160 classes from the comfort of your own home, ranging from 10 – 60 minutes duration. 

Or opt for one of our stand-alone online courses. Each course has a focus on a specific area that we have developed due to demand, and will give you lifetime access to videos and all support material.

Take a look to find out more.

Online Courses

Here you’ll find online options which you can purchase and access straight away to optimise your knowledge, health & wellbeing independently. Please note, no refunds or exchanges are available on these products due to the nature of instant access and downloadable content. However, if you have any queries, please do be in touch


What People Are Saying

“You have that rare quality of being entirely yourself whilst being thoroughly professional. You are delightful and special Cath, and you manage to make your clients feel that way too!”

“I’ve been working virtually with Cath (on ZOOM) for hormone balancing nutrition and physio and she’s been fantastic throughout. Can’t recommend her highly enough! Thanks for all your knowledge, support and kindness Cath”

“I just wanted to say how much I’m enjoying your pre-recorded classes. They are quite challenging, which is a good thing, and also really detailed. I’m getting so much out of them. It’s great that you can keep going back to them”