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Physiotherapy sessions are available in person, and virtually.

COVID restrictions have now eased in healthcare settings, with the wearing of facemasks optional. Please be aware that I will continue to wear PPE currently, to wind down stock and maintain as low a level of risk as possible during close contact treatment and massage sessions, as per government advice for close contact scenarios. Please do not attend an in-person session if you feel unwell and/or present with COVID symptoms, as detailed here.

I am able to treat the majority of sprains, strains & injuries, or even those problematic aches and pains that you just can’t pinpoint how they started, plus also specialise in working with women during times of hormonal flux; primarily pre-and post-natally and peri to post menopause, helping you to achieve living live to the full and feeling well doing it.

Virtual appointments are available and accessible by anyone located within the UK. You can book a session by emailing or using the contact button located on this page

You can find more information about Physiotherapy appointments here

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“You have that rare quality of being entirely yourself whilst being thoroughly professional. You are delightful and special Cath, and you manage to make your clients feel that way too!”
“I've been working virtually with Cath (on ZOOM) for hormone balancing nutrition and physio and she's been fantastic throughout. Can't recommend her highly enough! Thanks for all your knowledge, support and kindness Cath”


I thoroughly enjoy teaching Pilates both in small groups and on an individual basis, and have a strong reputation for teaching intuitively whilst ensuring a great workout is had. Pilates classes are very popular and have continued to be so throughout the COVID pandemic, attracting attendees from out of area and even overseas!

Pre-recorded classes. Watch, pause, and watch again as often as you want to, at your own pace. New classes released each week

In person classes. Join me for a fully integrative and responsive class suitable for your level of expertise and benefit from the additional social interaction, plus experience the tailored approach I adopt to ensure you're working at the right level and in the right way. You can attend once a week or opt for the unlimited package, giving you access to as many weekly classes as you like. Beginners classes available

mix & match You may enjoy the social aspect and accountability of in-person classes, but relish the opportunity to continue your pilates exercises in the comfort of your own home more than once a week. Opt for a mixture of pre-recorded and in-person classes to get the best of both worlds, and ensure you get the best possible workout, or sign up for 1:1 sessions for focused attention

How do I book??

Please email with any queries, or to book your place. You will be sent via email a health screen/consent form to complete online prior to commencing a class, and some additional booking information. Small equipment is available to purchase to add diversity to your workouts. Feel free to ask me about my recommendations; small equipment is my ultimate favourite thing!

Small Groups and Workplace Pilates

30 to 60 minute Corporate sessions at your work premises are available, and are being offered more frequently by employers as part of employee wellbeing and health. For more information contact me at

If you wish for a more individualised approach. I also offer 1:1 and small sessions for up to four people on a 30 or 60 minute basis (see FAQs for more details).


Massage is beneficial whether you are training for an event or just want some TLC and ‘me’ time. The release of happy hormones (endorphins) and reduction in stress hormones (cortisol) achieved through massage promotes relaxation and muscle recovery, with benefits to athletes up to two weeks after an event/training session.

30-minute and 60-minute sessions are available, with a focus on myofascial release, which is a deeper, more lasting massage without the discomfort of a traditional sports massage.


Acupuncture can be very useful as an adjunct to treat joint or muscle pain, and can have a significant, and sustained effect on pain which occurs immediately after treatment or develops over following hours or days. Effects are usually cumulative, building up over several treatments, with disposable, sterile needles inserted into specific points around the problem area, or on occasion some distance away from the area being treated. This can be utilised within a treatment session, where appropriate, for an additional small charge of £5.

I am fully qualified in Western Scientific Acupuncture and use it regularly as an adjunct within sessions, especially for pain and/or muscle tightness where indicated.

I also offer an Acupressure workshop for pregnant women and their birthing partner, where you will learn easy specific non-invasive techniques to progress an efficient labour, and promote natural pain relief. The workshop is designed for last month of pregnancy (from week 36).

“I found the workshop really informative and easy to follow, giving me confidence as a father to step up and be helpful with my wife’s pain management during labour. When it came to the birth of our daughter, I got the opportunity to be hands-on involved in the birthing experience and didn’t feel like I was on the sidelines, which was an entirely different experience to the birth of our son where I felt utterly helpless and rather useless!”


BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy; PGDip HSc in Rehabilitation

I consider myself one of those lucky people who have found a job that I love and enjoy. I am absolutely passionate about health and wellbeing and work hard to ensure you achieve your goals, however big or small they may be; from standing out of a chair to completing an Ironman, I've seen and worked with it all (or certainly most of it!), and bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to treatment sessions, along with an infectious humour. My enthusiasm and intuitive tailored approach is down-to-earth and realistic and I consider us a team when we work together; I can point you in the right direction, but to get the whole way there, there will be some things you will need to do too.

I was born and raised in Sale, and have been a Physiotherapist for 20 years, teaching Pilates for 15 of those. I also lectures in Pilates, and am guaranteed to give you the best workout you can achieve in one of the classes available. After working in the NHS for several years, I completed a 12-year stint in New Zealand extending musculoskeletal practice to include Pelvic Health and Cancer Rehab. I hold additional qualifications in acupuncture, nutrition, pregnancy & post-natal fitness, and menopause. I'm also a published author, writing numerous health-related articles for a glossy Women’s magazine, and maintain a busy clinic caseload whilst balancing an active life creating memories with my young family and Ironman husband (I am the best cheerleader ever!)

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Coronavirus Update:

June 2022 COVID restrictions have now eased in healthcare settings, with the wearing of face masks now optional for a treatment session. All restrictions in classes have been removed. To book into a class or request a treatment session, please email