The Hormone Reset

Women’s bodies and hormones work a little differently to a man’s, with our specific health & wellbeing needs adapting over our lifetime, and sometimes, our hormones just don’t play ball, but they don’t have to rule your life.

Over this six-week course, I’ll be empowering & equipping you with skills and knowledge to assist you in looking, feeling and moving better, by achieving wellness through hormonal balance. Join me to take control of your hormones back, and learn how to align with your female physiology to feel happier, calmer and healthier.


Hormones regulate every biological process in our body, and every choice we make can affect our hormones, ultimately influencing how well we feel and function. The good news is – we have control over this!

Over six weeks, we’ll be taking an in-depth dive into our female physiology, adopting nutrition and exercise approaches to suit hormonal stages, and bolstering your confidence to become an expert about yourself, addressing common hormonal issues such as weight gain (or stubborn loss!), energy levels, sleep, mood swings, brain fog, cravings, types of exercise to suit you, and of course menstrual and menopausal health, plus much much more.

You’ll be leveraging my knowledge as a Women’s Health Physiotherapist, qualified Women’s Health Coach, and Nutrition Coach specialising in hormonal flux & menopause to get the most out of this six-week course.


Over six weeks you will:

✅ learn how to navigate hormonal fluctuations which influence how well you actually feel and function

✅ master your metabolism and digestive woes to shift stubborn belly fat and improve bloating

✅ learn daily habits to improve sleep and energy

✅ know how to exercise for your unique physiology and stage of life

✅ have more energy and beat food cravings

✅ take control of your hormones, to put you back in the driving seat


This six-week course includes:

  • sample meal planners & hormonally supportive recipes
  • pre-recorded exercise regimes focusing on routines specific to a women’s needs and physiology
  • supportive interactive private Facebook group, where you can ask questions, receive top tips, and additional recipes, and benefit from a likeminded community
  • weekly emails, where we take a deeper dive into key topics including: signs of imbalance and how to achieve hormonal harmony, endocrine disruptors, menstrual & menopausal health, how to work with your female physiology, optimising energy, sleep and focus, finding your zen, and much much more!
  • weekly lives sessions with me, where we’ll be exploring hormones further and answering your questions in more detail

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