Menopause Mastery: Workshop Training

Designed for workplaces, groups, and organisations, this pre-recorded 90-minute workshop delivers evidence-based training specific to menopause awareness, and includes wellness strategies to bolster hormone health. 

Drawing on 25 years experience as an award-winning Women’s Health expert and menopause specialist, I take you through this comprehensive, yet easy-to-understand workshop, which includes:

  • The History of Menopause & current landscape
  • Key hormones 
  • Symptoms
  • Medical vs non-medical management
  • An overview of lifestyle strategies based on my signature pillars of: building resilience, movement, nutrition and sleep
  • Myth busting
  • Resources

Build confidence in understanding the physical, psychological and emotional impact of menopause, whilst learning skills and strategies in recognising, and navigating, this transformative stage of a woman’s life.  


Further workshops are available upon request either in-person, live-streamed on-line, or recorded. Please contact me to discuss in more detail 


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