Pilates Foundations: Mastering the Basics

Learn the basics of Pilates to ensure a solid foundation for your future workouts.

In this updated & improved pre-recorded Beginner Pilates course, I’ve taken exercises and routines and broken them down into shorter videos to make it easier for you to participate when you’re at home or on the move. These routines are perfect for anyone new to Pilates, or returning after extended time away from participating. Throughout this course, I take you step by step through some foundation exercises before challenging you with progressive express classes which are easy to fit around busy schedules from the comfort of your own home, or whilst you’re travelling. All you need is internet access.


The comprehensive Beginner Pilates course includes:

✅ Introduction to Pilates, The Core Canister, Pilates History & Pilates Method

✅ Practical videos including key concepts: Lateral Breathing, 5- Elements & How to Find and Engage your Core

✅ Technique videos for key moves focusing on upper & lower abdominals, gluteals & posture at Beginner Level

✅ Six express classes which build on the practical and technique videos to give you a complete workout at Beginner Level.

All this and the added luxury of being able to revisit videos/classes as often as you want to.

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