Restore Rebalance 


Twice a year, I run this 6-week Healthy Living Course, empowering you to kickstart or enhance your wellness journey through better food choices, movement, and holistic wellness, for long-term gains.

It’s perfect for you if you’re wishing to focus on your own health & wellbeing this year, or if you’d like to move better, feel better, look better, or improve your relationship with food.

It can be used to start your journey, to enhance a current regime; or simply to gain more knowledge yourself, and is ideal if you are confused about where to start when adopting a healthy lifestyle, or if you feel that you already are, but would like to optimise it further, through the guidance of a Physiotherapist, Pilates Instructor, Women’s Health coach & Nutrition Coach (that’s me!)

Through 6-weeks, you’ll:

✅ Deepen your knowledge and understanding of how and why nutrition impacts on our overall health 

✅ Optimise your mindset & environment to make healthy living a natural choice

✅ Enjoy movement and learn why different things work for different people

The 6-week course includes:

  • sample meal planners & recipes
  • pre-recorded mini movement and exercise regimes suitable for all levels of fitness, as well as practical exercise tips
  • supportive interactive private Facebook group, where you can ask questions over the 6-weeks, receive top tips, and additional recipes, and benefit from a likeminded community offering support and accountability
  • weekly emails, where we take a deeper dive into key topics including: probiotics & prebiotics, how to boost metabolism, sugar, stress management, digestive health, and sleep
  • weekly lives sessions with me, where we’ll be exploring further health & wellbeing topics and answering your questions in more detail
  • Option of accountability partner

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